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Understand I do not provide sex or any sexual service of any kind.

You will be obedient and always follow all my rules.
Learn to address a Mistress in the correct manner . 

I am a professional. My services are never free. Do not waste my precious time by contacting me for freebies, you will be instantly blocked.  

Do not address Mistress when contact is made by saying things such as  "babe, baby, hun or 'are you available?'".  Do not  give your address Etc.

​When you make contact Mistress will try her best to reply within 24hrs .
Do not expect a reply straight away. You are probably not worth my immediate reply anyway. ​

A non-refundable deposit is required when booking. Always pre-book to avoid any disappointment. Mistress is a very busy Goddess! 

  • How do I confirm an RTS with Mistress?
    Real Time Sessions can be booked and confirmed confirm by sending Mistress a Text message explaining what you are looking for, and after you have read my website fully and understand what is required . Mistress will aim to reply within 24hrs to discuss further details and where a non-refundable deposit will be taken by Mistress to confirm the session booking.
  • Do you do In-calls ?
    Yes - When I go on tour around the UK. I am also available for Outcalls. I would expect you to have booked and paid for a safe space in advance of the booking I.E Hotel Apartment or play space for the session to take place. Online training is also available, please message for more information 😉
  • Where can I send deposit tip or tribute ?
    Mistress has her "wishtender Link "on the Links Page. You may also approach Mistress and I will give you further instructions if wishtender is not available for you.
  • How can I book and confirm Online Training
    Online training will booked and confirmed by sending Mistress a text message, NOT via phone. You will be sure to have read Mistress profile and then you may approach with your request. Mistress's rules apply at all times. When booking a session with Mistress you agree you fully and understand what is required from you by Mistress .
  • What is the minimum booking required ?
    This depends on travel for Mistress to the desired location . For example If the session is located within a 30 minute travel time radius, then minimum booking would be 1hr. Minimum session times will vary due to travel times and this will be discussed at time of booking.
  • What does RTS mean ?
    Real time sessions * In person sessions with Mistress
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